Workers Compensation for Traveling Employees


Employees Injured While Traveling Have the Right to Seek Compensation

To collect workers compensation benefits in Georgia, you must suffer an injury in the course of your work-related duties by a risk arising out of your employment. If you suffer an injury during a car accident on your way to work, the law does not cover you. If you suffer an injury on your way to meet with a customer, however, the law does cover your injuries, medical expenses, disabilities, and other costs.

Basically, if an injury befalls you while you are doing anything that is part of your employment — including travel — Georgia law covers you for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Temporary total disability
  • Partial permanent disability

How a workers comp attorney can help

Georgia workers compensation law covers employees when they travel for work. The general rule is that what you are doing is reasonably foreseeable in the course of your job. For example, it is reasonable to expect that, if you are traveling for work, you will stay in a hotel. If you suffer an injury at the hotel, your workers compensation covers your damages.

The attorneys at Nicholson Phillips stress that even activities not directly related to your work can cause injuries covered by workers compensation. As long as you can say that your actions were reasonably foreseeable while you were traveling for work, you can seek compensation from your company. However, insurance companies and employers may make it difficult for you to collect the benefits owed.

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C. Alan Nicholson, the firm principal, has earned a reputation for handling workers compensation disputes. As a workers comp attorney, Alan Nicholson has extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies and fighting for the rights of each client to be compensated. This includes employees who injure themselves while traveling for their jobs.

If you suffered an injury while traveling for work, your employer or the insurance company may unfairly deny your claim. Schedule a free consultation with Nicholson Phillips to determine your rights under Georgia workers compensation law.

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