Worker Dies at Kia Manufacturing Plant in Western Georgia


A 57-year-old Kia employee has died following an accident at the company’s West Point manufacturing plant. According to reports, the worker died from a lack of oxygen after heavy materials he was moving fell on him.

This incident was not the first fatality at the manufacturing plant. In 2008, a falling beam killed a construction worker during the initial construction of the facility. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined the construction company on three violations, which were all classified as serious in nature.

According to OSHA, 12 fatal injuries occur per day due to workplace accidents. Workers in an industrial environment around heavy equipment are at a higher risk of injury, but many of the most common accidents can occur in any type of work environment:

  • Slips and falls — Fall accidents account for more than a third of workplace injuries. Slips and falls may happen due to wet or damaged floors and obstructions on the ground. They can lead to broken bones, head and back injuries and other serious issues.
  • Manual work activities — If you work in an environment where moving and lifting heavy objects is a part of the daily routine, you are far more susceptible to back and muscle injuries, heart problems and broken bones.
  • Moving equipment and vehicles — Those who work regularly with moving equipment and vehicles are at a high risk for injury. Workers suffer severe injuries while operating moving equipment if it turns over or crashes, particularly due to an unbalanced load.
  • Electric shock — The fourth-most common workplace industry is electrocution. Laws exist that regulate conditions and provide a safe work environment for all those who work around live wires and electricity.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a workplace accident in Marietta or elsewhere in Georgia, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Consult an attorney to learn more about collecting the coverage to which you are entitled.