Client Testimonials

After checking the Martindale-Hubbell listing for AV Preeminent personal injury lawyers and then reviewing the applicable websites, it was clear that Alan Nicholson was the right attorney for me.  While taking a class in Georgia, the chair I was using collapsed under me resulting in a compression fracture in a vertebra.  I had been advised to get legal assistance in processing the case but had difficulty making connections to the right person.

Alan’s ethics are impeccable, our first conversation confirmed that for me.  He’s sharp and he’s quick, he immediately understood the implications of any question and I never had to ask the same question twice.  He was gracious and was always exceptionally polite in all of our dealings. He kept me informed of progress and issues.  He listened and then explained so I could easily understand the status and the best resolution. He is effective and was able to negotiate an appropriate settlement and then take care of all the resulting correspondence and details. And his staff carries forward with the same attitudes and responsibility that are part of his work.

I would be delighted to recommend Alan Nicholson and Nicholson Law Firm to anyone wishing to resolve an injury issue effectively and responsibly with flawless ethics and integrity.

The day I called Alan Nicholson to represent me after being injured, as a pedestrian, by a moving vehicle in a parking lot, gave me peace of mind and the sense of security I needed at that time. I was confident that the insurance company of the driver of the car that injured me would be forthcoming as there was no question that he was at fault. Alan, with his experience and wisdom knew we were in for a long ride. He kept me apprised of any information and discussions with the adjuster and what I needed to do all times. I always felt in the loop. He was patient with me and respected my sense of urgency to get to the end of the case.

In the end, Alan prevailed and received a settlement larger than expected, due to his years of experience and in my opinion, tenacity. He held my hand all the way. I would definitely refer Nicholson Law Firm.

Thank you Alan.

Rudi C.

Alan, Thank you for all the care and devotion you put into assisting me with my injury case. You were instrumental in every aspect of the case. I really appreciated how you held my hand through the process and how you protected me from those who did not have my best interest at heart. You were always resourceful, approachable, patient and full of knowledge and information when I had any questions to ask. Your hard work and dedication to my case made me feel as if I were your only client!
Thanks again for everything, May God’s gifts of love and prosperity continue to fall!

Kim T.
Kennesaw, GA

I am so appreciative and thankful to Mr. Alan Nicholson. My brief journey began when I spoke with Mrs. Nicholson on the phone with tears in my eyes after numerous attorneys basically chewed me up and spit me out regarding my case. Mrs. Nicholson was warm and inviting, the soothing voice I needed to hear. In regards to Mr. Nicholson from the initial conversation he was very compassionate yet professional, firm yet very fair. When I say that I am thankful to him, it really goes beyond that. Mr. Nicholson made the experience less painful and he explained in detail every step and welcomed any questions I had. I would recommend this firm to any and every one.

Kind Regards

A very happy single mother

My whole experience with workers compensation was a nightmare from the start. While I have never been or needed to be the type to “lawyer up,” I guess I had some ill-conceived ideas concerning lawyers, especially the personal injury side of the field. What I found when I met Alan was totally different. In the past 11 months Alan has gone from a lawyer of whom I am a client to a family friend. Alan not only truly cares for his clients but also, through his belief in God, shows his clients the compassion that has been too often forgotten. Alan has become a friend who just happens to practice law. I don’t know what I would have done without his wisdom and guidance during this…. Thanks, Alan, for being the true Christian friend you have become.

David H.

You have been truly a joy to work with. You have been a part of my life that is calm and consistent. The last two years have been tumultuous to say the least.

I am glad this can now be put to bed and I can move on with local doctors to find a plan for further healing. To say I am grateful is an understatement. You have been a gift to me and I want you to know that I will not ever forget how kind you have been.

When I get back to Atlanta, maybe we can get together and have lunch. Thank you, Alan.

In October, 2007, my son Keller was struck by an automobile near the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. Keller … suffered traumatic head injuries and was forced to withdraw from school for several months. Given that our family lived in New York, we were in the unenviable position of having to choose a lawyer in the Atlanta area to pursue our case. The thought of having to rely upon billboard advertisements or the Yellow Pages was not making our situation any easier. Fortunately, a trusted contact … suggested using a local lawyer named Alan Nicholson. Our choice was fortuitous as our claim ended up being settled sooner than expected and maxed out the defendant’s coverage. All along, Alan had been very cautious in his predictions and the eventual outcome was a very pleasant surprise. If I were asked to best describe Alan with two words, those words would be competent and honest. I can recommend Alan Nicholson without any reservation.

Lindsey S.
Orchard Park, NY
December 17, 2008

[My] grandmother, uncle and aunt were in a very serious accident where a tractor-trailer hit them head on. All three were injured. … [My] grandmother was the most seriously injured. Our family knew that legal assistance was needed and having personal knowledge of his integrity and work ethic, I insisted the family contact Alan Nicholson. … I knew that Alan’s personal care toward each client would be very important to my family. At ninety years of age, my grandmother certainly didn’t understand all that was going on, and yet, as Alan began to work with her, it was obvious that she immediately recognized his sincerity and good judgment. Alan took the time to make many personal visits to see her and to make certain she had nothing to worry about. …

The case had its own challenges. The owner and operator of the truck were, all of a sudden, nowhere to be found and that complicated the handling of the case. When Alan took the time to share with us all he did to track them down, I was personally convinced that few people would have gone to that much trouble to make certain their clients were that well cared for.

There is so much I could say about the personal care that went into helping a feeble, ninety-year-old lady prepare for a deposition, … or the excellent outcome of the case, itself. However, the very best thing I can say is that I know my grandmother trusted Alan and loved him for his help.

A stroke eventually took my grandmother’s life. As I stood to deliver a eulogy at her funeral, I saw Alan and his wife, Carole, sitting there. … There was no expectation for Alan to be there and yet, there he was. It was never more real, than in that moment, that it is the personal attention that means so much. It did to us all and we are eternally grateful.

Bryan A.
Canton, GA
December 22, 2008

[T]hank you for your outstanding service. I do not think that anyone wants to find themselves in the position of needing an injury attorney but when I finally deemed it necessary, I did my homework. …

I came upon your website and read your credentials along with many others and decided to call you. … I was a loyal employee of a well-respected company for many years. I tried to deal with their workers compensation people for years on my own before finally realizing that I needed counsel. I never expected to get the kind of service that I received. Because I had so many questions and stories of my situation to tell, you spent an hour and half on our first telephone call. As a salesperson myself, I was expecting a sales pitch … that never came.

You and your staff were extremely helpful through the whole process. If ever I called, and you were not available, you were always prompt to return my calls as soon as possible. I am truly glad that I made that first phone call; you helped me through the process and a very difficult personal situation; one that I could not have navigated on my own.

Paul W.

Alan doesn’t treat you like you’re just a client. From the time you walk in his office to the time you leave his office, you know that you have met with someone who will put your interests first. The very first thing that he tells you “is to be completely upfront and honest with him about everything and he will fight tooth and nail for you.” …

Alan does not and will not tell you what you want to hear. He is going to be brutally honest with you about everything and how things will happen. He will talk to you in a language that you understand and not give you all that legal mumble-jumble. If there is something that you have difficulty understanding, he will take the time to explain it to you until you know what he is talking about and if you have a question later on, you can always get in touch with him. By email or phone, he gets right back to you. Not a day or two later or a week later and he keeps you informed on things as they happen, not weeks or months after the fact.

When Alan took on my case, it really seemed that I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades, but Alan being true to his word, fought tooth and nail for me. To this day, I have complete mobility with my right shoulder after I was originally told that I would have to live with my shoulder the way that it was. Now, thanks to God and Alan, my life has completely changed and I am able to do the things that I have dreamed about doing. I didn’t just have a lawyer … I had (and still have) a true friend!

Glenn C.
January 13, 2009

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