First Steps If Injured


What to Do If Injured in Georgia

Injured at the workplace? What to do first.

When you’ve been injured on the job, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Nicholson Phillips in Georgia offers advice on what you should do after an injury occurs.

If you have been injured as a result of a work-related accident, your first priority must be medical treatment for your injuries. Under Georgia workers compensation laws, your employer is obligated to assist you in obtaining medical treatment and recovering your losses attributed to your injuries. Every employer, with limited exceptions, must obtain workers compensation insurance for its employees, post proof of insurance prominently at the workplace, and post a list of physicians from which an injured worker can receive medical treatment.

Of utmost importance is documentation of accidents and injuries and the compilation of all information regarding your claim. Specifically, the following information should be obtained and collected as evidence for your claim:

  • Names and addresses of the physicians who treated you and the facilities where you were treated.
  • Dates of treatments, medical bills, receipts.
  • Names of all people who may have been involved in the accident or witnessed your injury.
  • Dates and length of time that you missed work because of your injury.
  • Names and contact information for all people with whom you have discussed your injury and claim, including insurance adjustors.
  • Any and all correspondence with your employer or insurance companies pertaining to your injuries or claim.

The employer’s responsibility begins when it is first notified of the injury and it documents and submits the claim to the workers compensation insurance company and to the proper state agency governing the worker’s compensation process. Some claims are straightforward, with a prompt approval of the claim resulting in benefits paid to the employee. However, the claim can be complicated by a third party’s responsibility in the accident or an employer’s dispute of a claim. Such cases will likely involve litigation of the claim in a personal injury lawsuit against the third party or, in the case of a dispute, a hearing to resolve the dispute and settle the claim. There are means for appeals for either the employer or the employee in the event of an unfavorable settlement.

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